Classic Construction of North Carolina

The Homebuilding Process

Classic Construction’s years of custom homebuilding experience has helped us to develop a homebuilding process that keeps our clients’ desires at the center of our work, the project on schedule and within budget, and enjoyable for the homeowner. We’ve built custom homes for clients who are building for the first time and also for people who have experienced the homebuilding process before. As we work with our clients, we follow these steps:

  1. Selection of Home Location
    We work with our clients to identify the best possible location for their home. Sometimes this can include razing their current home and rebuilding on the same land.
  2. Selection of House Plan & Incorporation of Desired Design Modifications
    We’re pleased to work with both the homeowner as well as drafts people and architects (if desired) to determine the house plan. We often help facilitate the design and selection of the type of architecture that the homeowner is seeking. For homeowners who do not have a relationship with an architect, we’re happy to help connect you with the needed professionals, or we can provide design/build services. In addition, we often advise our clients on classical design choices available, such as mouldings, specialty products, etc.
  3. Estimating and Ensuring That the House Plan is in Alignment with Budget
  4. Contract Signing
  5. Building the Home
  6. Closing